Welcome to the website for the Josephine County Ghost Society, a society dedicated to proving the existance of the Paranormal by conducting thorough investigations in locations known to have "Spiritual Energies" and submitting all of our evidence to to be thoroughly analized for either verifiable proof or a scientific debunking of the evidence.

We know that many of you are skeptics and disbelievers and think that's just fine. We even welcome those of you who don't believe to come along with us during our investigations and witness the Paranormal first hand

We offer our services to the people of Josephine/Jackson Counties FREE of charge (Though a minimal donation would be greatly appreciated)..., So if you know of, or happen to live in a Haunted location, contact  Josephine County Ghost Society, "Your Haunt is our Hunt".

The Equipment we use...,

Josephine County Ghost Society uses a variety of equipment from the scientific to the amateur, and while most of it is low quality or scale, they will improve as our budget allows, and in the mean time, we are still getting some signifigant evidence with what we are using. The following is an itemized list of our current equipment and what it's use is;


AcerONE Aspire Laptop/Notebook.... for on site analysis 

E.L.F. Zone detector.... a lower quality but still effective ElectroMagnetic Field detector

Kodak EasyShare CD83.... for still-frame / burst photos

Olympus Digital Recorder.... for Electronic Voice Phenomina or E.V.P.'s

Sony Digital Recorder w/Microphone and headphones.... for Real-time E.V.P.'s

Sony HandyCam w/ Nightshot Plus.... for Nightvision Video Evidence

Jazz Digital Cam w/ Energizer UV 3LED light.... for low light video evidence

Tasco Trail Cam.... for static pics in hallways

Digital Guitar Tuner.... for detecting Tonal Frequencies

IR Motion Sensor Alarm w/ remote x2.... for detecting etheric movements

Motion Activated Door Alarm x8.... for detecting autonomous door movements

Vibration Alarm.... self explanitory

Ghost Box.... Allows for Spirits to communicate with their own voices through "white-noise"

Next2 by NextBook.... for on-site analysis

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